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Shoebox Apple AirPods 3 Case

Shoebox Apple AirPods 3 Case

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Attention Sneaker Lovers! Check out our AirPods Case collection designed specifically for AirPods 3rd Gen. Unfortunately, we have no other options available as they are all sold out. Our AirPods Protective Cases are made of high-quality soft silicone to provide optimal protection for your beloved earbuds.

✨Product Detail:

Crafted from premium soft silicone for reliable protection.
Compatible with AirPods 3.
Stylish shoebox-shaped case not only safeguards your headphones but also serves as a trendy decoration.
Choose from a wide variety of classic shoebox colors to match your style.
Due to high demand orders will be fulfilled within 2-5 business days.

Compatible Model:
✔️ AirPods 3rd Gen
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